Q&A with Miss K…

I loved the layering video!  Are you planning to do more with even more layers?  How hot and sweaty was it in all of those layers? 

Maybe someday, we may have to get more loose latex or something as the problem we have right now is not the heat or the sweat, it is the compression.  I think my neck entry catsuits might be a bit too tight for very much layering.  

Q&A with Miss K…

The layering video is so hot. I love those pussy pants. I would love to get my wife into them. The remote wevibe looked intense.How does it compare to your wand?

Obviously not as strong as a wand, but a nice distraction none the less and definitely fun to play with :) 

Q&A with Miss K…

In your most recent post (the flashback to a 2010 set “Rubber Damsel in Distress”), how do you signal to your partner that you need to stop—i.e. say the safeword—seeing as to how you’re completely bound and blindfolded?

While it may not look like it at times, we always play with the absolute most safety in mind. If I were to grunt loudly three times someone would ask if I was alright and let me out if needed.  I am also routinely checked on off camera throughout the shoot. 

Q&A with FK…

Dear Miss Kitsch, first of all I want to thank you for all the latest videos. I’ve really enjoyed them! Especially the last one with the vacbed, “Vacbed Time”. Loved it! A question I have is, what is the thickness of the latex of the vacbed you use? I have one myself, but it never seems to be so smooth and without wrinkles as yours. Thanks again!

Our vacbed is from KinkEngineering.com and is .45mm both sides.  The key to making the bed look wrinkless is to use thicker gauge PVC tubing so it doesn’t bow, as well as to make sure that the frame is the exact size of the bed, so that it pulls the latex taught when it is not vacuumed.  This obviously makes entry and exit of the bed a little more difficult that is why we have a play frame and a photo frame.

Frame sizing is something you just have to kind of play with and be very careful with as you can break the bed.  Also we tend to repeat the suction process adjust wrinkles each time until they all pretty much look like they are out. 

Hope that helps :) 

Q&A with Miss K…

I see that sensory deprivation plays a big part in your scenes. I wanted to know what type of smells and tastes do you recommend and use for your sub!!! Thanks!!!

Ummm…. let me see here… rubber, Rubber, and more RUBBER! ;)

Thanks for the question :)  

I give Lily Cade a little servicing of my own in our new update “Room Service” on FetishKitsch.com. 
Catsuits by Fantastic Rubber | Customizable Body Bag by Latex Nemesis

I give Lily Cade a little servicing of my own in our new update “Room Service” on FetishKitsch.com

Catsuits by Fantastic Rubber | Customizable Body Bag by Latex Nemesis

Q&A with Miss K…

What is the most dangerous thing you have done while having fun in latex??

Probably getting caught shooting wearing full rubber in public or in rented hotel rooms or houses.